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95% of all code makes me cry. The other 5% are white space.

Is Your Stack Deep Enough? (SQL, #38 / 50)

  (SELECT count(id)
     FROM orderposition p
    WHERE p.orderHeaderID = AS nofPosPerOrder,
FROM orderHeader oh 
    SELECT g.orderGroup,
           min(g.priority)             AS mostImportantPrioInGroup,
           min(g.requestedDeliveryTime AS earliestDeliveryTime,
           min(g.requestedCreationTime AS earliestCreationTime
      FROM orderHeader g
  GROUP BY g.orderGroup) og
ON oh.orderGroup = og.orderGroup
WHERE ?????
ORDER BY .        

The above is actually just an average query with a scalar subquery and a derived table as brought to us by M. Lindenmann on Stack Overflow. We've done this before. But those who want to make me cry will obfuscate this simple SQL with a large stack of upstack frameworks (at least 7). You really cannot have enough abstraction over SQL when you want to write SQL.


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