Code That Made Me Cry, #CTMMC™

95% of all code makes me cry. The other 5% are white space.

Repetitions (CSS, #45 / 50)

/* main.css : */

#wrapper {width:1000px;}

/* template-example1.css : */

#wrapper .header {width:1000px}
#wrapper .page {width:1000px}

/* template-example2.css : */

.page h1 {display:block; width:1000px;}
.page .nav {width:1000px;}        

We beg, that no one will change the main.css width. Has any of the frontend devs heard about width:100% ?

By Ina who has found this in the CSS-Files of the company for which she is working right now.. And yes, they are using a lot of CSS files.

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